The Unique Identification Authority of India UIDAI appoints registers, which are responsible for appointing registration agencies. These agencies, in turn, enrol residers who are responsible for collecting the biometric and demographic data of residers according to the conditions of the Unique Identification Authority of India.

Registration agencies have to be expunged with UIDAI to be appointed by the registers. These agencies provide operator and administrators to those who do the factual registration, or franchisees. There’s a wide network of registration centres across the country.

At this time, if you are thinking of starting a business to earn money, then you have a good chance of taking the Aadhaar Franchise. You can earn well by taking the Aadhaar franchisee of Aadhaar Card.

The question is how you can take a franchisee. Actually, to start this business, you have to take a license. To get this license, you have to pass the test.

Functions of Aadhaar Card Center –

• Creating a new Aadhar card
• Change Name in Aadhar Card
• Change address in Aadhar Card
• Change Date Of Birth in Aadhar Card
• Change/ Update Print in Aadhaar Card
• Mobile Number Update
• Email id Update

How to get a franchisee –

If you are wondering how to get Aadhaar card franchise, there are certain steps you need to follow:
• First and foremost, you’ll have to clear an online examination of UIDAI instrument of a administrator or an driver to get the Aadhaar card franchisee.
• Once you clear the test, you’ll be authorised to do the verification of Aadhaar registration and Aadhaar biometrics.
• After that you have to apply for Aadhaar Center through Royaldo Service Point.